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Opening 12th April!

I am so pleased to be able to open and get back to doing what I do best!

I am taking on new customers as well as seeing my lovely regular ladies. If you have been meaning to make a booking please get in touch soon as soon as possible, as appointments are booking up fast.

My usual working hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 5:30pm , Wednesday 9-3pm and Friday 12pm - 6:30pm. I am known to extend my hours on a certain day each week around my family life to fit in ladies who struggle to get to me. So please ask if you need a later appointment on one of those days.

To book: 07920443173 text or call.

or via my Instagram or FaceBook page.


One bra fitting appointment left in April! Thursday 29th 4:30pm.

Two bra maintenance appointments or regular ladies new bra. April 26th 5pm, 29th 10am both 20mins.


May appointments: 4/5 12:30pm to 5:30pm bookings available 6/5 11am to 5:30pm bookings available 7/5 2:30pm to 6pm bookings available

10/5 9am - 4pm available 11/5 2pm - 5pm available 13/5 1pm - 5pm available 14/5 1pm- 6pm available

17/5 9-5:30pm available 19/5 9-2pm available 21/5 1pm -6pm available.

24/5 9-5:30pm available 25/5 9-5:30pm available 27/5 2pm-5:30pm available 28/5 1pm-6pm available


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