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Are you wearing the correct size bra? 

Every woman needs, and feels simply amazing in the right underwear. It can make you feel sexy or simply comfortable!  

As I'm based in Exeter, England. I am available for local fittings, please contact me for more details about booking for a bra fitting. 

Below you will find a Fantasie guide on fitting your bra and what you should look for for your perfect fit. 

 Fitting guide

Hints and fitting guide.

For some ladies finding the perfect fitting bra never seems to actually happen no matter how many shapes, sizes or manufacturers designs they try on.  That’s where I can help and give advice with the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years working and listening to ladies.

Sometimes you may have the correct size but the style is the issue, or just dropping a back size and trying a cup size bigger could mean your bra is no longer trying to crawl upwards. Some ladies need to wear their bras looser than advised due to illnesses or comfort zones; others may like a tight fit to feel ‘safe’.

Whatever your issues with bras I will endeavour to find you your perfect fit to suit your needs and body shape, not the fit you are told you should be wearing by a calculator or a tape measure.

  • A new bra should normally be fitted on the loosest hook and eye. The only reason I would not do this is for a comfort fit reason due to circumstances of my client.

  • Swoop and scoop your breast tissue from your underarm forwards into the cups to ensure the wire is sat flush on your chest wall. Be careful not to bring your bust too far forward to leave an empty gap.

  • Straps should be adjusted so they are firm but not tight. A common mistake is to tighten the straps assuming this will bring the lift up higher on the bra. Majority of the time ladies are actually causing the back to ride up and in fact they are lowering the bust. The bra band takes 80% of the support and if the band is secure and in place then you won’t feel the need to tighten the straps.

  • Is your bust sat flush in the cup? If so, and the band is snug but not tight and not digging in then you have a good fit. If you are bulging over the top or under the arm increase the cup size. If you have wrinkling in the cups try a cup size smaller.

  • For ladies with one side fuller than the other please fit your fullest side first. Many women are told to pad the empty cup out; I find if you spend time with a client you can usually avoid doing this by finding the shapes to best suit and disguise any issues.



My Fitting Technique: I use a tape measure as a guide to find my client's rib measurement. I then use that measurement as a starting point of the band size and work by eye to achieve the cup, style and any changes to the band.  



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