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New Aubade Delivery

Delivery Day! Today it’s an Aubade half cup bra in a gorgeous green. Myself and some of my customers who have known me for many years (in my previous work place) we used to absolutely love the Aubade half cups The good news is they now have a G cup where they used to stop at F. So E-G in stock. The stock photo on the model looked a bit different to how it’s sits so I obviously had to try one on to show the fit and shape. I do love it. I think this is possibly another addition to my collection, Mr Boudoir doesn’t need to know! Would you like to try on your size? Book an appointment for a professional bra fitting. Samantha x #aubadeparis #aubadelingerie #newfashioncolours #AW22 #brafitterexeter #brafitter #lingeriestore #Devon #exeter


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