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Bra fitting in the hot weather.

Bra fitting in hot weather isn’t easy. New bras in this weather can feel tight when they wouldn’t on a cooler day, this makes it harder trying to decide if you feel that the bra is tight or will be fine once the weather goes back to the typical English colder days we are used to!

Try your new bra on when you are cooler in the house with the tags on, after a shower please! If it’s tagged I can exchange, I do not refund as I provide a one to one service and spend time fitting your lingerie which I do not charge for as it is complimentary with bra purchases. The evening is the best time to try your new purchases on in the weather we are currently experiencing.

In this heat we retain fluids, our bodies will be hot and clammy and measure bigger on the band for a lot of ladies. To date 2 inches was the biggest increase I’ve measured in the heat! That’s a lot though! I have a big fan in the room to keep women cool during fittings, when you get outside in the heat your body will soon warm up again so it's best not to leave wearing your new bra.

I am finding women are contacting me to say their new bra is tight or leaving marks. It WILL leave a mark, your body is hotter than usual. Also a good fitting bra will leave what we call in the trade 'sock marks'. This is a mark on your skin that doesn’t break the skin or cause sore areas but you can see clearly where your bra sits. If your bra hurts obviously it’s wrong, but I do all my checks and ask you how you feel before you leave. I do advise to the best but we all have different comfort levels. If in the changing room the bra feels too snug then it's not the bra for you, it will only get worse as the day goes on.

In this weather a bra I’ve had for months will leave a deeper red mark then usual because I’m hot. I tend to avoid my newer bras and reach for my older ones for comfort. I am going to be exchanging a few tagged unworn bras for bigger bands, but when it cools down I’m warning customers this exchanged size may become too big! If an item is worn and the tag removed I cannot exchange it. I also can’t exchange bras that have obviously been worn for days with the tag on!

If you need a comfort non wired bra to change into please let me know I have some options. Crop tops £25 Bralettes £26 or £28 Bandeaus £15 S, M, L, XL - not the support of a strapless bra but great for in the garden.


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