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Hey Everyone,

As I work from home already, on a one to one basis, I’m going to continue (for now) to see ladies for fittings.

No one in my house or that I know is showing any signs of the Coronavirus. I don’t see groups of people.


I am cleaning with antibacterial wipes between ladies for my customers health and my family. Obviously my business is in our home so I’m trying to protect everyone.

I’m an asthmatic which many of you wouldn’t know, so I’d appreciate anyone who is showing any signs or been in contact with anyone to cancel and rearrange their appointment.

I am starting to post items to ladies too. I do charge postage as unfortunately being a small business I can’t afford to offer free postage.

If you know your size and see something new come into stock you like, I’m happy to post it to you.

Soak, Sloggi boxes of briefs, bras, nightwear everything can be posted 😃

Stay safe everyone 👙🧼

Samantha x

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