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Washing Day

Washing day. 👙👙

I recently saw a post on a group where a lady was shocked her mum washed her bras every two days. Your bras are made of delicate materials and the elasticity will suffer, in my opinion, if not washed often enough. They need time for the elasticity to “ping” back so rotate your bras and wash often. 😂 Sorry I love the image in my head as I say that to my ladies 🙈 The more days you wear your bra without washing, you’ll find you’ll be moving the hook and eye fastening in tighter and quicker than those who hand wash. I’ve seen this happen over my 11.5 years fitting. I recommend Soak Laundry Liquid (which I do stock) It’s easy to use and no rinse or scrubbing! Soak for a minimum of 20-30 mins, they can be left for hours. Then squeeze out the water and hang up to dry. No nasty chemicals, plant based ingredients only, against animal testing, saving water from the no rinse factor and uses recycled plastic.

💕Bra care:💕 😮Hand wash to prevent wire damage (wires coming out/twisting) from weight of wet clothing in the drum, buttons, zips, velcro etc catching and ripping or placing pressure on the bra. I can feel when a wire has been damaged from this. 😮Machine washing can shrink the channels that the wires sit in. Then your wires could pop out eventually. 💕Hand wash your bra EVERY 1-2 days. 💕Warm water, not hot. 💕If you don’t have time to hand wash, take it in the shower with you. Use shower gel. Or of course use Soak! 😮Don’t place directly on a radiator to be safe, use a radiator clothes airer. 😮No tumble drying 😮 💕If you’re my customer: see me every 3-4 months for your FREE appointment to reshape your wires and adjust your straps to extend the life of your bra. As my ladies know this makes a big difference to the comfort and life of the bra. I also advise when to move from the loosest hook to middle, then tightest once the bra is worn out and not giving the support any more I advise it’s time to replace it. 💕The majority of shops would rather sell you another bra than show some love to your previous purchases. I love to look after your lingerie as it’s expensive and I provide you with a more personal service. It’s all part of being a Le Boudoir Lady 👙🥰

I don’t force anyone to hand wash! I have a lot of customers who machine wash in laundry bags. It’s up to you after all they are your bras! 😁

Samantha x

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