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Why do some underwired-bras hurt?

My dear ladies,

Some days things just do not go right and today was one of them. In short I had a bad bra day! All day long the bra strap was pressing into my skin so much that I could have jumped up and down with irritation. I have been constantly rubbing my chest and adjusting my bra and to be honest I am pretty fed up!

So what could be the problem?

Since I wear this bra almost every day, it is possible that the underwire has bent under the permanent load. This is quite normal because even though we use wires with a high tensile strength they can eventually bend under daily use. If you have this problem too, there are several possibilities how stress may have come upon the wire.

Firstly the wire could be broken. This can happen when you wash the bra in the washing machine without a laundry bag. Ideally for this reason and also to prevent stretching you should always hand wash your bras. It could also be because of a broken strap but you would of course feel that immediately and be aware of it. Apart from that you would look very unbalanced so I am going to assume that a broken strap is not the problem here.

If this is not the case, it is probably because the bra is too tight around the chest. You should try going up a size, for example, instead of a 34 perhaps a 36. In that case you might need to reduce the cup size to compensate for the larger band so perhaps going from a 34D to a 36C, but it may also be that the cup is too small. This would cause the strap to cut in across the chest as well and would be very uncomfortable. You will need to experiment a little and try on different sizes to see which fits you the best.

In my case I asked a colleague to measure me again and sure enough my bra size had changed. I ordered a new bra; it is good to invest in yourself from time to time as we said earlier.

So I will close by offering you the same advice, go shopping and treat yourself to a couple ofbeautiful bras. Seek advice from an experienced fitter at the same time and you will be thrilled with the results to your overall silhouette. The chances are that your significant other will also be pretty pleased

I wish you much fun shopping!

Your Nastasya

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