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Peony Blossom

Professional Bra
Fitting Service & Advice 

Have a professional bra fitting in Exeter, Devon by Samantha.
 Fitting Lingerie since 2008, she will soon have you feeling great in a fantastic new bra. 
*Fittings are free with bra purchases.*

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Mon        09:00  - 17:30

Tues       09:00  - 17:30

Wed        09:00  - 15:00

Thur        12:00  - 17:30

Fri           09:00 -  18:30

Sat                  CLOSED

Sun                 CLOSED

      Later appointments

       available by request.

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See something you like on my site?

I can post almost anything I sell to you, postage will be added to the total of your purchase.

If you see something you like, please get in contact and I can arrange delivery. Any questions please ask.


Now proud to offer Boost breast form.

Boost breast forms were specifically designed to avoid the pitfalls of many heavy, suffocating prostheses. Our breast form designs are intended to be gentle on the skin and allow for a natural freedom, so that hot air isn’t trapped around the breast form, making it sweaty and unbearable. Boost’s light and airy design means you can feel comfortable with your breast form, without constantly worrying if it’s going to become difficult to wear in certain kinds of weather.

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