When was the last time you got fitted? How 64% of women are wearing the wrong size bra

64% of women across the world are wearing the wrong size bra, a new survey has revealed.

A study of 10,000 women by Triumph International found that 64% of women wear poorly-fitting lingerie.

Of that number, researchers found, 29per cent make a purchase fully knowing that it is not the right fit.

Size matters: A new study has found that many women knowingly wear the wrong bra size

Many respondents say that they bought badly-fitting designs because they were attracted by a bra’s color, style, and sex appeal, reports WWD.

This is despite the fact that for 73per cent of women – almost three-quarters of those polled – admitted that improperly-fitting lingerie could ruin their entire working day.

It seems a woman’s attitude to her bra fit varies by country. The study found that just 35per cent of Americans had been fitted for a bra in the last six months, compared with 64per cent of Italians.